Premier Li Keqiang Chairs Meeting of Central Leading Group on Responding to the Novel Coronavirus Disease Outbreak

On 19 March, Li Keqiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Premier of the State Council, and head of the Central Leading Group on Responding to the Novel Coronavirus Disease Outbreak, chaired a meeting of the leading group.

The meeting noted the mounting pressure posed by the rapid spread of the virus worldwide as imported cases start to increase. It urged enhancing international coordination and cooperation for effective containment of the outbreak.

In the area of international flights, dedicated parking slots, airbridges and passageways will be arranged for inbound flights from major affected regions, and health quarantine procedures be conducted in designated safe zones at ports of entry to minimize the risk of cross infection.

Confirmed and suspected cases as well as close contacts identified by the quarantine authorities must be promptly transferred, treated and isolated as required. The whole process should work seamlessly through closed-loop management. Passengers who make false declarations or conceal their infections will be held to account by law.

Cross-border passenger transport by road will be suspended, and the management of passenger services by water will be tightened.

The meeting urged all sub-national governments, especially in key regions prone to imported cases, to enhance preparedness by stocking up on medicines, containment supplies and emergency equipment and designating special hospitals and isolation wards.

Travel advisories should be updated to alert people to cross-border travel risks and caution against non-essential overseas travel. Outbound and inbound tourism services will be suspended.

The meeting called for providing greater guidance and support for overseas Chinese nationals to protect their safety and health.

China will continue to help other affected countries to the best of its ability, including sharing containment experience and facilitating their purchase of medical supplies from China via commercial channels.

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